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Carey Scott

Bible study has everything to do with growing. We all know that we are to grow, but do we really know how to grow? There are many important things that we must do in order to grow. While we would not say that Bible study is more important than anything else, we can say that it is foundational. It is like God's plan of salvation. All parts are equally important even though they have different characteristics and functions. The bible records over twenty things that save us. Try to leave one out, and you cannot have salvation. To try and place a greater importance on some parts over others is outrageous. But, there is one that is more vital to us than the others. In the case of salvation the one thing that provides for salvation is our individual obedience. Without obedience, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and everything else is useless for our salvation.

In this instance, bible study has to be the foundation of our growing. We need it to learn about God and His will. Today, we have the priviledge of almost everyone being able to read. There are also enough copies of the Bible around that every person can own one. This is a tremendous advantage from times past. They did not have bibles available and most people could not read. When times called for better education, it was usually begun by bible reading. Few books were written that were considered to mass publish. We have a definite advantage. We can read. We can understand. We can see it for ourselves. We do not have to rely upon someone to tell us the words or meanings.

There have been many suggestions for personal bible study. Which method depends on you. Some people read it for literary content, others for the spiritual benefits.

See how the people listened to God's word in Nehemiah's day.

Imagine that. An all day bible study. That would be too much to bear on some today. They were also attentive. They had a desire to learn.

We should begin bible study with prayer. As the psalmist wrote in his prayer, there is a window of opportunity by reading God's word. "God is speaking to me". This is how I should look at this opportunity. To see if I can serve God better by learning His will better and more accurately.

We should read the Bible thoughtfully so as to understand. We should read it carefully making note of who is talking and the events going on. We need to read it repeatedly. It always amazes me that as often that I read a passage, there is always more I can learn from it. We should read it extensively. To see the context will help us understand better the events and reasons for actions. We need to read the Bible regularly and faithfully. Last, we must read the Bible with an open heart. We must be ready to obey. We must be ready to repent when we are convicted of sin. We must be ready to go when He sends. We must do "All the words which the LORD has said...."

We also need to memorize God's word. We need to keep His word in our hearts. Memory will help us do this. Some people commit to memorize lots of scripture, others memorize scriptures that have special meaning. Either way you go, it helps in life if God's word is written on your heart.

Bible memorizing helps you in many ways. It keeps you from sinning. When you know God's word, you do not want to violate His laws. It gives you comfort. You will have to experience this to really understand it. It keeps your mind on God and directs you toward living the Christian life. It keeps you going on your way. You go with confidence. The scriptures can give you guidance. Keeping them in your heart will make it easier to make decisions in this life. It is also good that children learn and memorize scriptures. It teaches them that scripture is important to us, and should be for them.

Meditation is also another part of bible study that is important. Not only to read, but to consider what we read. Sometimes you might read a passage in the morning and think about it all day. If you do think about it, you can view it from different viewpoints. You can draw conclusions about it. You can ask yourself why. You can ask if there is a reason. You can see if there is a way that you are affected. You may have to make some decisions to change your life. Joshua was told the reason to meditate and the benefits of a proper application in his life.

The most important way to read the Bible is obediently. If we have no desire to improve our relationship with diety, then bible reading is done in vain. We have to be ready to make changes if called for. We may have to examine our faith and the doctrine we practice. If something we practice is different than what God gives us in His word, we must change. Remember, God will not change for us; we have to change for God.

Look at all of these reasons for our obedience. Notice the reasons for obedience.

We are looking forward to eternity. We wait for the Lord to come. Until that time, we must prepare. The Bible has the pattern. The Bible has the words of life written in its pages. The Bible shows us the way. The Bible gives us hope.

Do not take bible study lightly. Your soul depends on it.

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