State of the Magazine

1998 was truly an enlightening, uplifting and challenging year with regard to Watchman Magazine. The magazine began as a simple idea about a quarterly webzine on a shoestring budget, and became a prodigious undertaking (although still on a shoestring budget).

First order of business is to thank my two associate editors for the fine work they have done in our first year of publication. I count both Larry Fain and Tom Roberts among my dearest friends, which of course does not in any way qualify them to edit a magazine. However their intense love for the truth, boldness in proclaiming it, and their talented pens have been evident for the past 12 months.

A second debt of gratitude is owed to our regular feature writers. These include Steven Deaton, Steve Wallace, Larry Ray Hafley, Stephen Houchen and Jim Robson. Each of these men have done a splendid job of making Watchman Magazine a balanced teaching tool, edifying to the many readers who visit our site. If you have an opportunity, after reading their articles take a moment to send them a quick email, and let them know of your appreciation for their fine work.

Our staff of writers continues in this new year, with one exception. Brother Stephen Houchen, who has edited our Spanish page, will no longer be able to write for the paper. Brother Houchen is multi-talented, and unfortunately extremely busy. Time constraints will simply not allow him to continue his month to month association with Watchman. We will certainly miss his editing of our Spanish feature, and wish him well in his future endeavors.

The Spanish page was an interesting experiment, and one which we may pick up again in future editions of Watchman. We encourage input from our Spanish speaking brethren. Is there a need for Prosiguiendo a la meta, and if so who would you like to see edit the feature? If there is truly a place for the Spanish page, and we find a capable man who stands for truth to edit it, we will be more than happy to revive Prosiguiendo a la meta in the future.

In addition to our staff of writers, we intend to continue The Distaff (Our Woman's Page), Link of the Month (edited by Stan Cox), Solid Food (edited by Tom Roberts), and The Simple Gospel (edited by Larry Fain). We intend whenever possible to include articles which mine the wisdom of elders, the enthusiasm of young writers, and the studies of any Christian who has something of benefit to our readers.

Not every issue of Watchman has a theme. However, we do like to assign to talented writers subjects which are either challenging, or germaine to the day, or both. We will not hesitate to address any issue which may be troubling brethren, though we intend to not ride a hobby horse at any time. As such, look for candid discussions of issues confronting brethren in our day in the coming months. Carefully read what is said, with an open Bible in your lap, and feel free to write us with any comments you might have.

Finally, thanks to you our readers. You have shown that a paper such as Watchman can be a vital and important voice in our day. At this writing our counter registers nearly 16,000 hits. We are currently averaging between 1,000 and 1,500 hits per month. And we are confident that as more Christians find themselves on the internet, and as more and more clamor for good material for Bible study, Watchman will continue to bear fruit for the Master.

Tom, Larry and I have no delusions of grandeur here. We have no desire to mold brethren to "our way of thinking." When we present what we believe to be the truth, we in no way intend to "try and run the brotherhood." But we are concerned at what we believe to be a trend toward apostasy, and what seems to be a willingness to tolerate something less than the best we can offer to our God. As such, as long as we have breath we will continue to preach what we believe to be truth. We will convict, exhort, and rebuke. And as long as we have sharp pencils (or a computer keyboard), we will try to edify you through the means of Watchman Magazine. All Christians should heed the call of God to Ezekiel, the watchman, and be on our guard as well in these troubling times.

We pray that Watchman Magazine will help you to be on guard in (spiritual) Israel. May God bless all of you, our readers, in 1999.

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