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Unity of the Spirit VS Unity in Diversity

Is Doctrinal Unity Possible?
Outline of Lesson, December 6, 1998
Forest Hills church of Christ

Intro: What saith the scriptures? For generations, we have approached our denominational neighbors with the intent of sharing New Testament Christianity with them. As we have surveyed the division that is characteristic both philosophically and practically of sectarianism, we have told them of a better way. We refer to the unity that is in Christ, manifest by the Spirit, and guided by the inspired message (Eph. 4:1-6). We are not the first to believe and work for doctrinal unity based upon faith in Jesus Christ and the finality of scripture as the supreme court of our faith and practice.

I. Early Efforts at Unity

II. New Testament Christianity Began With Jesus Christ

III. Truth applied, in the first century, resulted in the Lord's church Being Established.

IV. Now, we are being told this is not possible:

V. There is a clear and present danger in the expressions of approval toward unity in diversity. Words are "vehicles of thought" and carry meaning. Identical arguments will force the same conclusions, regardless of intent. It is foolish to charge others with unfair treatment while pressing for "unity in diversity" even while denying "unity in diversity." It cannot be both ways.

VI. Doctrinal Unity is possible, the Bible teaches it, and we must press forward toward that goal.

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