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Unity of the Spirit VS Unity in Diversity

Divorce, Remarriage and Fellowship
Outline of Lesson, December 6, 1998
Forest Hills church of Christ

Intro: A myth has been promoted in many areas about God's teaching on marriage, divorce and remarriage (mdr) that it is too difficult to understand, that there is a lack of clarity concerning it, and that there are so many divergent views none can be sure about the actual truth. This is fallacious and a charge against the integrity of the inspired message of God. The Holy Spirit speaks to reveal, not conceal; to edify, not confuse; to unify, not divide. God has revealed the whole truth (Jn. 14; 16); it is understandable (Eph. 3:4; John 8:32), and we are foolish if we don't understand it (Eph. 5:17). Additionally, some claim that "honesty of heart" is a defense for the right of some to hold erroneous views. Being honestly wrong is not a license to teach or fellowship error (Acts 23:1).

The denominational world makes the same charge against other Biblical doctrines as does some of our brethren about mdr. Baptism, the church, instrumental music, imputed righteousness, the Lord's supper, etc., are all controverted subjects with diversity of views. They, too, plead for the right to practice error for the same reasons. Have you never heard: "It doesn't make any difference what you believe if you honestly believe it?" Our brethren are now singing the same denominational tune.

The myth that unity on mdr is not possible arises from those disenchanted with God's law and those wishing to fellowship the ones teaching the error. Seeking to escape the force of God's binding laws, all kinds of loop holes have been developed to do exactly what the Bible condemns: divorce and remarry "for every cause" (Mt. 19:3). The Pharisees did not like Jesus' answer then and some brethren do not like it now.

"Loop Hole Theology" will not change a syllable of truth. Seeking to evade the force of truth and substitute a lie has been the practice of the Devil from the beginning (Gen. 3:4, "You shall not surely die"). But Satan is a liar and all error is a lie, not of the truth (1 Jn. 2:21). Let us be sure that we understand that the various positions which would allow divorce to take place "for every cause" are lies that will send people's souls to hell. We are not talking about academic studies of "ivory tower" issues which are inconsequential. Adulterers have their part in the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8).

Let us emphasize that truth is knowable, teachable and livable in all parts of the world and in every circumstances of life. If that is so, we can know the truth about mdr, understand it, and abide in its blessings.

I. God's Law on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

II. Fellowship With Error

III. Other passages that apply to Divorce and Remarriage issues.

IV. Conclusion:

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