Biblical Evidences

An Introduction
What Is The Issue?

Harry Osborne

The need for this special issue is apparent to anyone who has followed closely the discussions in the realm of Biblical Evidences. In recent years, there has been a growing acceptance of theories which deny a literal interpretation of the creation account as a simple narrative teaching that God created the heavens and earth and all things therein in six literal, consecutive days. Rather than duplicating the work of the various writers by detailing the various approaches taken in such theories, the reader will be left to examine the articles specifically dealing with those theories. Before proceeding to the rest of his special issue, please consider the following points about the nature of the issue under discussion and a few other matters.

The Issue Is Not

The Issue Is

Whether or not the correct interpretation of the creation account is to understand it as a simple, literal, narrative teaching that God created the heavens and earth and all things therein in six literal, consecutive days.

About The Authors & Articles:

Larry Ray Hafley and Elmer Moore have written basic articles dealing with general principles regarding the need for biblical revelation as the sole means of revealing God's will and for proper methods of interpreting that revelation. You will learn from these seasoned students of the word as you examine their articles.

Dan King, Sr. wrote one article which I broke up into three parts in order to make it easier for the reader to find the specific information of interest. It is my opinion that Dan's material is among the best I have seen on the issues which he covers. I am indebted to him for his considerable efforts in this regard. Though he would not like me to say so, he is a true scholar in Old Testament studies and languages. Yet, his writing is easily understood by all. You will gain a great deal from his work.

Mark Mayberry has three articles that are clear and specific to the issues under consideration. His efforts will aid each reader to study through some points of detail which are not easy to handle. However, when you examine the material, I think you will agree that Mark has made it both easy to understand and thought provoking as well - a task that is not easy. My thanks are extended to him for many long hours of work and for his helpful advice throughout the preparation of this special issue.

Chris Reeves, Steve Reeves and Wayne Wells had the hardest jobs of all in reviewing current teaching which I believe to be in error on the subject under consideration. Each has done a great job of boiling down the various theories to the essential points of conflict. All three men have had more personal experience than I have had with those teaching the various theories addressed. They have been valuable sources of information and counsel for me as I have tried to "get up to speed" on various aspects of the subject. Wayne has also written several articles which are not included in the initial uploading of this issue though, I have greatly benefitted from them. It is my hope that we can upload them at some point during the month as an aid to the study of others.

Last but not least, Jim Robson who writes a regular column on Evidences in this journal graciously consented to write two articles dealing with evidence for a young earth and the global flood in the time of Noah. Both articles are concise and very helpful to the overall study of this issue. I am grateful to him for his efforts in this month's issue as well as his good articles each month in the journal.

My hope and prayer is that this special issue will help open doors for study and discussion. May God help us all to search the Scripture, examine our hearts in the light of God's truth and conform our lives and teaching unto His will.

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