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"So you, son of man: I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for me."

Volume 2, Number 4

April 1999

Biblical Evidences VS Non-Biblical Compromise

What Is The Issue?

Harry Osborne
Guest Editor

The Word & the World
Are They Equal Revelations of God's Will?

Larry Ray Hafley

Literal or Figurative?
How Can We Determine?

Elmer Moore

The Biblical Account of Creation
Genesis 1-2; Being Fair with the Text

Dan King, Sr.

The Genesis Account
and Ancient Myth

Dan King, Sr.

The Primeval Chronology

Dan King, Sr.

Biblical References Back to Creation
Do They Give Us A Clue?

Harry Osborne

Age of the Earth
Are There Biblical Parameters?

Mark Mayberry

Dating Methods
Which Clock Sets the Limit?

Harry Osborne

Scientific Evidences of a Young Earth: Do They Exist?

Jim Robson

Interpreting the Geologic Column

Mark Mayberry

Genesis Flood
Regional or Global?

Jim Robson

Understanding the Terminology

Chris Reeves

A Review of Hugh Ross

Chris Reeves

A Review of John Clayton

Steve Reeves

A Review of Hill Roberts

Wayne Wells

Consequences of New Hermeneutics
What Happens When We Mythologize Part of Genesis?

Mark Mayberry

Concluding Thoughts
How Much Evolution is Too Much?

Harry Osborne

Annotated Bibliography

A Final Exchange
with David Mathews
Stan Cox

Solid Food
Why We Must Have
Discipline in the Church
Tom Rober ts

Voices from the Past
The Christian Ministry
Benjamin Franklin
ca. 1856

White Unto Harvest
April Reports from Overseas
Steve Wallace

Watchman Publishing