Voices from the Past

The Holy Spirit

Franklin T. Puckett
Gospel Guardian, Apri, 1975

The Person of the Holy Spirit


I. The Holy Spirit is a Member of the Godhead.

II. The Holy Spirit Possesses the Qualities of Deity.

III. The Holy Spirit is a Divine Personality.

IV. The Holy Spirit Collaborates in the Work of Deity.


The Holy Spirit is a definite personality working with God and Christ in the execution of the divine system.

The Work of the Holy Spirit


I. It Was the Work of Revelation.

II. It Was A Work of Conviction.

III. It Was A Work of Conversion.

IV. It Was A Work of Sanctification.


The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit


I. The Holy Spirit Dwells in the Christian.

II. The Alleged Modes of the Holy Spirit's Indwelling.

III. Proof Texts Used to Establish this Supposed Personal Indwelling.

IV. A Bit Of A Problem.

V. The Indwelling Deity.


The Holy Spirit dwells in the Christian, but he does so through the medium of the word as man believes and obeys that word.

[The Gospel Guardian, Vol. 27 No. 7, April 1, 1975. Special Issue dedicated to the life and work of Franklin T. Puckett]

Editor's Comments

The sermon outlines above are excellent work by the late brother Puckett on the subject of the Holy Spirit, and through them "he being dead still speaks" (Heb. 11:4).

With the abundance of error on the person, work, and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we thought it prudent to republish these outlines for your study, and encourage you to pass them along to others. We need to make sure we are well grounded in the faith concerning this issue, as Charismatic/Pentecostal groups are on the increase (Col. 1:23; Titus 1:9-14). Too, there are brethren who believe in a direct non-miraculous indwelling of the Spirit, something which brother Puckett and this writer deny.

With all that is above, we have nothing further to add.

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