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Stan Cox

Stan Cox at Bet Yam.  MediterraneanSeveral months ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Israel for a tour of the land. We truly traveled from "Dan to Beersheba," and all points in between. We spent the first full day of our tour driving up the coast from the modern capital of Tel-Aviv. We visited Joppa, Caesarea, (for information on the city of Caesarea, read my article in this issue. Click here to go there.), and looked over the countryside from the top of Mt. Carmel. We also traveled to the Jewish necropolis, (city of the dead), Beit-She'arim. We went to the ancient city of Akko (Acre), which was known as Ptolemais in the time of the Apostle Paul, who visited there (cf. Acts 21:7). Our first day ended at the Sea of Galilee, where we spent the night in Tiberias, on the western shore.

In subsequent days we visited many other sites, including:

Mike Willis and Guide LuisOn our last day we traveled to Emmaus (cf. Luke 24:13), and stopped in the valley of Elah (where David slew Goliath) on our way down to Beer Sheva (Beersheba). In the afternoon, we visited the museum where the Dead Sea Scrolls are located, and also visited a scale model of the old city of Jerusalem that allowed us to put into perspective our time there. All in all it was a wonderful and educational experience.

It is important to express appreciation for our hosts, Mike and Sandy Willis, and Tom and Pauline Roberts. Mike has been to Israel several times, and his knowledge of the land, as well as his special study of the history of Israel was invaluable in making our experience there truly memorable. Tom often shared with us his knowledge of the history of the land and God's people as well. I can't sufficiently emphasize the benefit of such an experience. Any child of God would do well to take advantage of any opportunity he or she might have to visit the land of Jesus. Both Mike and Tom are going overseas next spring as well, this time to visit Greece. Again, emphasis will be on Bible history in their travels. Some space is still available, though time is short. If anyone is interested in such a trip, they should email Tom Roberts immediately at

Though we can't reproduce that experience through the pages of this magazine, we can illustrate studies of these lands with pictures taken of the land in our time. The pictures that accompany each article in this feature, (save for the pictures in Tom's article on the Sea of Galilee), were taken by me. Though space constraints seldom allow for a good translation of pictures to the electronic format via the web, I hope that the pictures will help as you read these descriptions of the Land of Jesus.

As you may note in the short description I gave of our trip, there is much more to tell... and to show. This we will do in future months. Our intent is to not only have at least one more month devoted to the theme of the Land of Judah, but also to begin a monthly feature in January which will allow for a study each month in the geography, archaeology, history and culture of the land.

But for now, enjoy the descriptions, both in picture and word, of the Land of Jesus.

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