Open Letter

Personal Chronology of Events Which Led to the Publication of the Open Letter

Harry Osborne

Introductory Note: "The following chronology of events regarding the current controversy over the creation account was prepared by Harry Osborne. It was not prepared for publication, but to answer questions as to whether or not the brethren addressed by the open letter had been approached individually first with the concerns stated in the open letter before its publication. Brother Osborne's chronology only speaks to his own experience because he has firsthand knowledge of the efforts in which he has engaged. The chronology is not meant to suggest he is the only one who has engaged in such efforts. However, since he lives in the Tampa area in close proximity to those at Florida College, his efforts to arrange open study may be of interest to those seeking the facts on this subject. To that end, we are publishing the chronology here so that all may see that extensive efforts were made to resolve this difference long before the publication of the open letter."

This is a chronology of the events leading up to the current issues regarding the interpretation of the creation account as I know them. Since I can only attest to the things I personally know from firsthand experience, I have limited the chronology to actions I can document. For this reason, the chronology centers on my actions in this matter. Please understand that this is not meant to suggest I am the only one who has spoken with the brethren addressed by the open letter. I know that many others have, but I lack any documentation of such. If you have documentation of other events which need to be included in this chronology, please give me that documentation and I will gladly add such to the record.

Chronology of Events

Early 1995

Fall 1998

February 1999

March & April 1999

September 1999

October 1999

February 2000

Spring 2000

May & June 2000

Please note that advance notice was given to these brethren before making public the letter objecting to their practice, but no such courtesy was shown before error was advanced at Florida College.