Electronic Preaching

Electronic Preaching

Creating A Web Presence

Stan Cox

The internet has an immense potential for the proclamation of truth throughout the world. As this column is presented from month to month, we will be addressing some of the ways an individual Christian or a congregation can utilize the internet for the purpose of preaching the gospel. But, first things first. Many know nothing about more about the internet than, "When the arrow turns into a hand, you can click your mouse and it will take you somewhere else!" For many, the idea of establishing a web site for the purpose of preaching the gospel is so far-fetched as to be unworthy of serious thought. This is unfortunate, because it is a rather simple and inexpensive process. Following is a list of FAQ's (internet lingo for "Frequently Asked Questions") which will help guide you through the process. If anything remains unclear, or you want more information, please feel free to write and ask.

Q: What are the costs involved in setting up a web site?

Q: Is it hard to build a Web Page?

Q: Why should I want an Internet Presence?

Q: What do I do now that I have a Web site up?

The preceding is sufficient to give readers a general idea of what is necessary to establish a Web presence. In future articles we will give suggestions and advice regarding specific aspects of the utilization and design of Web pages. The internet is a wonderful thing, and the potential for good is great. Congregations should consider taking advantage of such an efficient and exciting opportunity to preach the word!

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