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Stan Cox

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Larry H. Fain

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Watchman Magazine

Volume IV, Number 8

August 2001

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Lest We Forget

Theme Editorial: Lest We Forget

Larry Fain

Cogdill-Woods Debate:
Cogdill's First Affirmative

Roy E. Cogdill

Learning How to Discern God's Will from the Apostles

Bobby Graham

Living According to the Pattern

Jarrod Jacobs


Larry Ray Hafley

Are Institutional Orphan Homes Expedient?

James P. Needham

The Church Versus the Individual

Steve Wallace

Why Churches of Christ Do Not Build or Support "Fellowship Centers" or Sponsored Recreation

Matt Miller

Why We Are Still Divided in the 21st Century

Ralph E. Price

new Why I Left Liberalism

Brian A. Yeager

Regular Features

Godly Sorrow
Stan Cox

Associate Editorial
But You're Not Doing Anything!
Tom M. Rober ts

The Simple Gospel
The Narrowness of Truth
Bobby L. Graham

Voices from the Past
Students and Today's Issues
C.G. "Colly" Caldwell
Gospel Guardian, June 1, 1975

White Unto Harvest
Meat for All This People
Steve Wallace

Contending for the Faith
Should We Criticize Error?
Larry Ray Hafley

Solid Food
Worshipping With An Instrument
J.S. Smith

Electronic Preaching
Technology & Preaching
Al Diestelkamp

In the Steps of the Savior
Self Justification (Scoffing at Truth, Promoting a Lie)
Harry Osborne