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Neo-Calvinism (Refuting Error)

Study Charts
Bobby R. Holmes and Mark Roberts

The Seed of Calvinism

God's Sovereignty Must Rule and Control Everything!

John Calvin's Five Tenants

      • Total Depravity
      • Unconditional Election
      • Limited Atonement
      • Irresistable Grace
      • Perseverance of the Saints

All Denominations Have Some Calvinism

  • Baptizing Babies and Infants (Total Depravity)
  • Holy Spirit Conversion "Experience" (Irresistable Grace)
  • Once Saved Always Saved (Perseverance)
  • Predestination (Limited Atonement)

We're Not Exempt from Calvin's Influence

  • Calvinism alone would never be accepted
  • However, if it is modified and made more deceptive...
  • Calvinism mixed with some truth equals new-Calvinism
  • Neo-Calvinism is born!

The Tenants of Neo-Calvinism

  • J ustification - Sanctification Difference
  • O nly Grace
  • R ighteousness Imputed
  • D octrine - Gospel Distinction
  • A ssurance - Security
  • N o Law

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