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Neo-Calvinism (Refuting Error)

Doctrine - Gospel Distinction
Bobby R. Holmes and Mark Roberts

I. Error

    A. Neo-Calvinists say:
      1. "Gospel is the good news about Christ, and nothing more. Gospel cannot be preached to saints. None of the epistles are Gospel. We must agree on Gospel, but not on doctrine. Fellowship should be extended to all who accept the Gospel."
    B. Passages misused:
      1. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

II. Truth

    A. Neo-Calvinists could not have missed it farther!
      1. "Gospel" and "Doctrine" are used interchangeably
        a) 1 Timothy 1:8-11
        b) Philippians 1:27
        c) 2 Corinthians 5:14
      2. Gospel must be obeyed:
        a) Romans 1:5; 2:8; 6:17; 10:16; 16:21
      3. Jesus preached the Gospel (Matthew 4:23) also called doctrine (Matthew 7:28).
      4. Gospel can be preached to saints
        a) Romans 1:15
        b) 1 Peter 1:25
        c) 1 Corinthians 15:1-3
      5. Who will get to decide what is gospel?
        a) Where is this list of "gospel facts" that all agree on?
        b) Some have 5 facts, others 12, some 7 — this is unity?
      6. Why were the epistles written if they don't really matter?

III. Additional Problem Area: Examples and Inferences

    A. Neo-Calvinism strips the Bible of authority!
      1. Neo-Calvinists argue that human reasoning decides which examples to bind, and what is a "necessary" inference.
      2. If God wants to communicate by implication/examples can we limit Him?
      3. See how many things are changed when this part of biblical authority is discarded (this is only a partial list!):
        a) Lord's Supper only on Sunday
        b) frequency of Lord's Supper, once a week
        c) elders in every church
        d) how churches cooperated
        e) how spiritual gifts were imparted
        f) a church treasury
        g) duration of miracles
      4. Don't buy into "we accept examples with a clear 'background command'."
        a) Where is the background command for taking the Supper every week?
        b) Where is the background command for appointing elders in every church; why not Metropolitan bishops?
      5. This is just an effort to broaden fellowship!

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