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Stan Cox

Associate Editor:
Tom M. Roberts

Associate Editor:
Larry H. Fain

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Steven F. Deaton
Steve Wallace
Larry Ray Hafley
J.S. (Jeff) Smith
Harry Osborne

Watchman Magazine

Volume V, Number 8

August 2002

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If you are reading this note, it means that Watchman Magazine is on a new server. We are happy about the change of servers, but, with a move such as this come technical headaches. If for some reason some part of the site does not work, please come back in a day or two. We will be troubleshooting the site until all glitches are taken care of. Until then, enjoy the August issue, and remember that our next issue will be posted October 1st.

Neo-Calvinism (Refuting Error)

Introduction to the Study

The following material was developed by brothers

Bobby Holmes
Mark Roberts

It is reprinted here by permission of brother Holmes

Study Charts

Study Outlines

Breaking Neo-Calvinism

Regular Features

Intellectual Arrogance
Stan Cox

Associate Editorial
Longsuffering and Merciful
Tom M. Roberts

The Simple Gospel
False Sources of
Divine Authority (2)
Stan Cox

Associate Editorial
God Understands Language
Larry H. Fain

In the Steps of the Savior
Jesus on Materialism
Harry Osborne

White Unto Harvest
"Ye Have the Poor Always With You"
Steve Wallace

Solid Food
Tammy Faye Says You're Okay!
J.S. Smith

Contending for the Faith
Answering a Baptist Preacher's
"Unanswerable Questions"
Larry Ray Hafley


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