Introduction: A Study in Neo-Calvinism
(An Issue That Will Not Die)
Bobby R. Holmes and Mark Roberts

Naturally, the roots of Neo-Calvinism are found in plain vanilla Calvinism. This booklet attempts to briefly cover that ground before turning its attention to this "offshoot" of John Calvin's original errors.

John Calvin made one wrong assumption, and it totally corrupted and destroyed everything he ever thought or wrote from then on. His decision that God controlled everything crept into his beliefs about salvation, redemption, etc. Look carefully at the TULIP and you will see his erroneous ideas about sovereignty behind every point.

The Neo-Calvinists among us make some similarly wrong conclusions, and then build a house of theology upon the shifting sands of error. May this booklet help you to destroy this pernicious teaching.

For additional information and help I would heartily recommend Neo-Calvinism in the Church of Christ (Tom Roberts, editor; Cogdill Foundation, publisher). The famous "green book" is the definitive work on Neo-Calvinism, in my opinion, and I am completely indebted to its writers. Thomas G. O'Neal's little book, Set For The Defense (Cogdill Foundation, publisher) is also an excellent work that briefly sets for the error of Neo-Calvinism. Both of these books can be purchased from the Guardian of Truth bookstore.

Study carefully, think carefully, and then go forth boldly to refute error. May this work be of every assistance to you.

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