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A Note from the Editor...

Over the past year or so there have been several changes made to the magazine. The most recent is a change to a bi-monthly format, and the move to a new server.

The move to the new server is allowing a savings of several hundred dollars, and was long overdue. It comes, however, with certain glitches. Chief among them is that the database for the church listings is presently not working.

A good brother in Christ, who will remain nameless so that he is not the one who gets the abuse, wrote the database gratis. We appreciate his help in this. He is also very busy, and we hate to burden him AGAIN in this move, as it is the second such move since he initially did the work for us. However, we will get the listings up soon, and ask for your patience. I have done little in the way of billing for these listings, and will certainly give credit for this down time.

The bi-monthly format will continue for the forseeable future. My present busy schedule (with both my preacher, and parenting duties) makes this schedule much more workable. In the future, when my life is a bit more settled, and/or I enlist more help for the site, we will go back to a monthly schedule. Several have given me offers of help, and I appreciate this. It is a possibility I will definitely look into in the future.

One more note. Past explanations such as these have spawned emails and notes of pity. Please understand such is not necessary. I am not stressed out! Just busy! Your expressions of concern and appreciation for the magazine are very much appreciated. I consider it an important work, and plan on continuing the work for many years. The present bi-monthly schedule will allow me to do so with a much more consistent publication schedule.




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