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Remembering Sister Lela
The Follow Up
Bobby R. Holmes

Editor's Note:  This article has been delayed, and should have appeared in the February issue of the Magazine.  My apologies to brother Holmes for the delay.

Please refer to the first article that I wrote, "Remembering Sister Lela" in the July 2001 issue of Watchman Magazine (click here) to connect the thoughts of this final article regarding the life of this precious saint.  Thank You.

Bobby R. Holmes

Brother and Sister McCarterSince I wrote the first article, "Remembering Sister Lela", many things have happened.  Monies for a memorial stone to honor sister Lela and a fence to be installed around the cemetery plot was slow coming in, but, enough was finally generated by good brothers and sisters in the Lord to have first the memorial stone cut and placed and then the fence installed.  The stone was placed there fall of 2001 while I was in Mississippi for a gospel meeting and I drove up there in June of 2002 to watch and take pictures as the fence was installed with the final work completed.   I have taken pictures of the memorial stone and also have a picture of sister Lela and her husband.

Since the last article was written, two very significant things have happened.  One is that sister Lela's husband has also passed away and his body is now beside that of his faithful wife.  The other thing is that their oldest son Judge was baptized into Christ in the fall of 2001.  He regrets he failed to obey the gospel while his mom was still living but, as I assured him, there will be a reunion in Heaven one day where we shall all rejoice together.

Sister Lela's Memorial MarkerI held another gospel meeting for the Sturgis church this past October and the church continues to grow both numerically and spiritually.  Brother Leo Henry from Wilsonville, OR, faithful companion of mine in meeting work in Mississippi for four years straight, (he flies in each year at his own expense to lead singing for me), was able to meet the saints in Sturgis for the first time this year.  He had looked forward to this for some time after hearing of the struggles of these precious souls.  Brother Alexander Caldwell is still the evangelist there and his good wife Kristi is a good helpmate.  Brother Caldwell has stood four square for the Truth and helped bring to pass the dream sister Lela had of a good, strong church existing that the Lord would be pleased with.  Sister Lela would be so happy to see how the church has grown and become a symbol of Truth in that area.  Please keep these saints in your prayers and if you are ever in the area of Starkville, Mississippi, (Sturgis is only twelve miles out of Starkville) please stop and worship with them.  Both you and they will be encouraged by your visit.

More Pictures

Closeup of Bobby Holmes at Cemetery




Bobby Holmes at the Lela McCarter Cemetery in Sturgis, Mississippi






Wide Angle view of cemetery

Wide angle view of cemetery, complete with fencing, completed in June of 2002.


Sister Lela's Husband and Son

Sister Lela's husband, and one of her sons, Judge.  Brother McCarter has since died, and is buried next to sister Lela.  Brother Holmes' baptized him a year before her death.  The son was baptized after her death, in the fall of 2001.


Sturgis Building with evangelist Alexander Caldwell and his wife Kristi

The Sturgis church of Christ building, with evangelist Alexander Caldwell and his wife Kristi.


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