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Pat Robertson's Surgery

Presidential candidate, Senator John Kerry, is not the only one who recently had surgery to remove a cancerous prostate gland.  Pat Robertson, he of the 700 Club, a socio-politico, religious television news program, had prostate surgery on February 22.

Mr. Robertson often has endorsed modern day miracle claims and has featured faith healers on his television program.  One wonders why this man, who believes in the miraculous, divine healing power of the Holy Spirit today, needed to have surgery for his ailment.  Seems to me that this would have been the perfect time for one of his miracle working preacher friends to have laid their hands on him and healed him.  Since he surely had sufficient faith to be healed, why did he not call one of the prominent healers of this generation (Oral Roberts, for example), and ask them to rid him of his malady?

That Mr. Robertson had cancer of the prostate is beyond dispute. So, why did they not call for one of his miracles working friends to heal him?  Better yet, why didn't one of them volunteer to do so?  I mean, if I had such a gift, the very minute I heard that my friend, Pat Robertson, had such a serious disease, I would have insisted that I be allowed to come and pray that he might receive his healing!

Many times, he has joined hands in prayer with such folks on his television program.  Many times he has sanctioned their work and given self proclaimed miracle working faith healers national credibility and acceptance.  Why, then, rather than undergoing surgery, did he not go on television with several of his brethren and ask them to pray for him that he might receive the healing which he says is readily available for believers today?

Yes, one wonders.


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