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Stan Cox

Associate Editor:
Tom M. Roberts

Associate Editor:
Larry H. Fain

Feature Writers:
Steven F. Deaton
Steve Wallace
Larry Ray Hafley
J.S. (Jeff) Smith
Harry Osborne

Watchman Magazine

Volume VI, Number 5

October  2003

The Divine Hermeneutics

Theme Editorial

Stan Cox

Larry H. Fain

Jerry Fite

Steven Deaton

Larry H. Fain

Departures from the Divine Hermeneutics

Donnie Rader

Marc Gibson

Jeff S. Smith

Dennis L. Reed

The Serpent That Wasn't There

The Serpent That Was Not There
(Initial article which appeared in the
August 2003 issue of Watchman)

Marc W. Gibson
Harry Osborne

Response by Marty Pickup

Marty Pickup

Half Right on the Serpent & Satan
A Rejoinder to Marty Pickup

Harry Osborne

Regular Features

Binding Archaisms
Stan Cox

Associate Editorial
Brethren, It is Time to Take a Stand!
Tom M. Roberts

"What Is Written... How Readest Thou?"
The Inward Conflict:  Who Is Described?
(Examining Romans 7:7-25)
Harry Osborne

Associate Editorial
Sin Is Never Conservative
Larry H. Fain

White Unto Harvest
Odyssey of the Mennonites in Russia
Steve Wallace

The Simple Gospel
Expediency (9)
Stan Cox

Solid Food
Drawing Lines
J.S. Smith

Contending for the Faith
Word Confirmed with Signs
Larry Ray Hafley


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