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Stan Cox

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Watchman Magazine

Volume VI, Number 6

December  2003

Women in Business Meetings?

Debate 1:  On Women in Business Meetings

Resolved:  The Scriptures teach that the pattern of decision-making in matters of congregational judgment must always include the whole church (including women) under male leadership in all local churches (both with and without elders).

Vance E. Trefethen

Tom M. Roberts

Vance E. Trefethen

Tom M. Roberts

Vance E. Trefethen

Tom M. Roberts

Debate 2:  On the Role of Elders

Resolved:  The Scriptures teach that the elders of a local church are authorized to assemble privately to make decisions in matters of judgment for the local church before and without calling together the whole congregation.

Tom M. Roberts

Vance E. Trefethen

Tom M. Roberts

Vance E. Trefethen

Tom M. Roberts

Vance E. Trefethen

Bonus Material:  Binding Archaisms

In the October issue of Watchman Magazine, the editor, Stan Cox, wrote an article entitled Binding Archaisms.  The article has been reviewed.  Below are links to the original material, the review, by brother Richard Fox, and a rejoinder, penned by brother Joe Price.

Binding Archaisms
(Initial article which appeared in the
October 2003 issue of Watchman)

Stan Cox

Versions, Reverence, Modernism, Phariseeism & Authority

Richard Fox

A Review of:  Versions, Reverence, Modernism, Phariseeism & Authority by Richard Fox

Joe R. Price

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Stan Cox

Associate Editorial
Decades of Discontent
Tom M. Roberts

"What Is Written... How Readest Thou?"
An Amoral Basis for Law:  It Won't Work!
Harry Osborne

Scripture Studies
A Better Understanding
Steven Deaton

White Unto Harvest
Saving Money Until Jesus Comes
Bobby Graham

The Simple Gospel
The Silence of Scripture (10)
Stan Cox

Solid Food
Abortion:  When Human Hands Shed Innocent Blood
J.S. Smith

Contending for the Faith
Can a Saved Person Be Lost?
Larry Ray Hafley


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