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Watchman Magazine

Volume VII, Number 4

August  2004

Editors Note:  In preparing for a month long trip to India in November, I have been unable to upload the October issue of Watchman.  I am sorry for the delay.  As I write this note on October 30th, I am scheduled to leave for India tomorrow, and have been unable to get the issue finished.

Therefore, I have determined to establish a new bi-monthly schedule beginning with the new year.  This will allow me time to recover from the India trip (the West Side congregation is having a gospel meeting the week I return), and to catch up on what will be a backlog when I return.  I apologize for the lack of new material from the August issue until the end of year, but promise to have a new issue of Watchman up on January 1st, when we will again strive to maintain a bi-monthly schedule.  My thanks for your understanding in this endeavor, and I ask for your prayers that the gospel be spread to many souls in India through the meager efforts of myself and brother Bobby Holmes during our November trip.  If you are interested in the India effort, you are encouraged to visit the following web site:


Meanwhile, continue to enjoy the August issue of the magazine, and might I suggest your visiting our archived issues?

            In Him,


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Bobby Holmes

Bobby Holmes

Stan Cox

Bobby Holmes

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Stan Cox

Scripture Studies
Beware of Dogs
Steven Deaton

Associate Editorial
Response from Marty Pickup
Tom M. Roberts

Associate Editorial
Why Do We Try to Make the Bible Say Stuff It Just Does Not Say?
Larry Fain

The Distaff
Where Is My Reverence?
Allison S. Tilley

Contending for the Faith
Another Snake Handling
Preacher Dies
Larry Ray Hafley

Walking Worthy
Sufficient Grace
J.S. Smith

White Unto Harvest
"It's Different Over Here"
Steve Wallace

The Simple Gospel
In A Sound Church,
Yet Without a Clue
Dennis L. Reed

"What Is Written... How Readest Thou?"
Ybor City Night-Life
Should a Christian Be There?
Harry Osborne


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