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Watchman Magazine

Volume VIII, Number 1

January  2005

Modern Day Snake Handlers

Another Snake Handling Preacher Dies
(Originally appeared in August Watchman)


Larry Ray Hafley

Belief, Baptism And Signs Following - Still Today?

Dead Snake Handler's Friend Responds

Hafley — Ross Debate
Water Baptism and Faith Only

Listed below are the dates, time, location, and propositions for a debate between Larry Ray Hafley and Thomas Ross.  Mr. Ross is a member of an independent, fundamental Baptist Church.  He finished his B.A. at UC Berkeley at age 19.  He earned an M.A. in Bible from Fairhaven Baptist College.  He presently is concluding a Master of Divinity degree, and "having studied both Biblical and extra-Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, he regularly reads and studies the Bible in its original languages."

If you plan to attend the debate and want further information, call Guillermo Alvarez, preacher for the church in Alameda, CA — Phone: (510) 523-9547; Memin@aol.com.

Proposition 1:
"The Scriptures teach that water baptism, to the penitent believer, is for (in order to) the remission of sins."
Affirm: Larry Ray Hafley
Deny: Thomas Ross

Proposition 2:
"The Scriptures teach that salvation is by grace through faith alone, before and without water baptism."
Affirm: Thomas Ross
Deny: Larry Ray Hafley

Address, Dates and Rules for the Oral Debate 

1.  The dates for this Bible discussion will take place on the 28th, 29th, and 31st of March 2005, and on the 1st of April 2005. Each session will begin at 6:30 P.M.
2.  The location for the discussion will be at the meeting place of the Alameda church of Christ, 2167 Santa Clara Ave. Alameda CA. 94501. Phone: 510.523.9547
3.  Each speaker will affirm his proposition for 2 nights.
4.  Each speaker will have three speeches per evening of 20 minutes in length.
5.  Each speaker agrees to conduct himself "as it becometh the gospel of Christ."
6.  Both parties agree to have this discussion video recorded, (for future reference and distribution at no cost). Each party will receive a copy of the tapes.

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