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Following are responses from our readers. Watchman Magazine has been wonderfully received! While we appreciate so much all of your kind comments, we would like to reserve this page for discussions of substance regarding the material found in Watchman. We openly invite your comments. Unless inappropriate, they will be posted here. The most recent responses will always be at the top of the page. You are encouraged to submit any comments to the editors, or individual writers concerning the material that is presented in Watchman Magazine.

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A Response from the Elders of the University Heights church (7/99)

David Collins, on behalf of the Elders of the University Heights congregation in Lexington, KY, takes issue with a paragraph written by Steven Deaton, feature editor of the "Voices from the Past" page of Watchman Magazine. The issue revolves around charges made that the University Heights congregation engaged in a "seminar", secular in nature, in which scientific evidence was presented to refute the theory of Evolution. He contends that the seminar was scripturally authorized, and that brother Deaton had maliciously misreprensented the seminar in his comments. Stan Cox responds to these accusations.

Harry's "Set for Defense"(1/98)

Reader Don Partain expresses objections to Harry Osborne's article "Set for the Defense of the Gospel". His claim is that the principles established in Harry's article would result in the violation of church autonomy, and the usurping of authority by uninspired men. Harry responds to these contentions.

Additionally, an addendum wherein brother Partain objects the the Magazine's name, "Watchman" is posted, with a response by the editor, Stan Cox.

Your Slip Is Showing (1/98)

Reader Keith Price objects to the tone of Tom Robert's editorial "Attitudes Toward Gospel Preaching." He states, "... it occurred to me, because of your language, that this magazine is going to be biased." Tom answers the objections.

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